Safety programme

Being one of the company corporate
values, safety takes a significant part
of daily operations.

UltraSafe programme

UltraSafe is a safety programme specifically designed to anchor safety within our culture. It is a global programme with shared safety processes, behaviours, tools and methods and its aim is to create a safety culture which everyone trusts; resilient and strong. The key is trust in each other’s commitment and accountability, while contributing with passion and integrity.

The safety programme has been implemented over the past years across all Ultranav’s businesses with special focus on all shipmanagement activities and it has implicated changes in our procedures, measurements and goals both at sea and ashore.

Safety Delta

Ultranav also works with the Safety Delta concept across the fleet and it is now part of the regular routine on board. The Safety Delta concept aims to ensure continuous improvement of our safety performance, supporting processes and activities helping to build and maintain a proactive safety culture based on continuous crew evaluation, dialogue, reflection and development.

The process develops in three stages:

— The crew conducts a DIAGNOSIS by answering a survey about practices on board.
DIALOGUE about the results and improvement opportunities are conducted among crew on board and between ship/shore.
— Specific DEVELOPMENT actions are defined, planned and executed on board to improve the safety conditions.

Safety I’s

The Safety I’s is a proven concept that constitutes the foundation for a strong safety culture:


Seek and share knowledge and understanding of all safety-related matters at all times.


Strive for continuous improvement, go beyond compliance and reach for excellence.


Use your Influence to inspire your colleagues with good safety manners and to create an open and trusting atmosphere.


Be the backup for your colleagues and intervene whenever you see unsafe conditions and acts.


Integrate safety in all work processes, plans and activities.

Safety performance indicators

There were no fatalities, nor total or partial disabilities due to accidents on board our vessels during 2022. The safety performance of our fleets is monitored with the Lost Time Injury Frequency (LTIF), with separate KPIs for the shipping fleet and the tug fleet.

The major oceanic fleet had an improvement of LTIF to 0.64 compared to 1.10 in 2021.

The tug fleet had an LTIF of 3.67, increasing compared to 2021. This indicator was mainly affected by an incident of one of our tugs that was collided by a ship while being docked.

Both fleets have improved their safety awareness and are striving to reduce the accident rates, both in quantity and severity.

Ultranav will continue to put safety first and have a strong focus on safety performance, a task assumed jointly by our seagoing and shore-based staff.

Major Oceanic Fleet 2021
LTIF Harbour Tug Fleet 2021


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